The Starter Kit for IoT Innovators

Design and launch your best IoT prototype yet with the AT&T IoT Starter Kit.

Jumpstart Your Internet of Things Projects

The AT&T IoT Starter Kit comes with everything you need to start your next great IoT Project: Hardware, services, data, and integrations.

Whether this is your first IoT project or your hundredth, AT&T IoT Starter Kit was created for you.

  • Prepaid SIM

  • Humidity Sensor

  • Fast LTE

  • Temperature Sensor

  • I2C Port

  • Arduino-Compatible Pinout

  • Cellular Shield

  • Host Board

Not Just Hardware

The AT&T IoT Starter Kit is a complete developer kit with all the tools, services, and integrations you need to design, build, deploy, manage, and scale your IoT projects. Everything you need to scale from prototype to production comes in the kit.

  • Manage, Create, and Visualize

    Manage devices, create workfows, and visualize data for your IoT product or service with AT&T M2X.

  • Prototype, Build, and Host

    Prototype, build, and host IoT applications with AT&T Flow.

  • Launch, Manage, and Scale

    Launch, manage, and scale your connected device business or enterprise deployment from AT&T Control Center.

  • Data and SMS Plans

    IoT Starter Kit comes with 300MB of data. Need to scale up? Get additional IoT Data Plans or SIMs to match your requirements.

  • Connect With Even More

    Connect with the RESTful API.

Reliable Connectivity in More Places

Cellular connectivity allows IoT projects to operate virtually anywhere in the US. Connect your IoT assets and devices to a high-speed, nationwide LTE cellular network without depending on Wi-Fi signals.

Made for Innovation

Turn ideas into reality sooner than you thought possible. From the open hardware architecture, to the commercial grade LTE shield that can be used as a standalone or with any microcontroller, to the built-in microcontroller that connects to most M2M platforms, the IoT Starter Kit was designed to be extensible and flexible.

Your Greatest IoT Project Starts Today

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