Getting Started With IoT Starter Kit

Follow these quick steps to get up and running fast. Depending on which IoT starter kit you purchased, it may able to skip some steps below.

Getting Started with the AT&T IoT Starter Kit Reference Project

Quick Start with IoT Starter Kit and Microsoft Azure

Quick Start with IoT Starter Kit and AWS

Getting Started with the IoT Starter Kit Powered by AWS

Getting Started with IoT Starter Kit and Raspberry Pi

SIM Card Activation

Getting started with AT&T IoT SIM

Your Starter Kit comes with a SIM Card that need to be activated before use. If you have received the SIM, you may activate it  here.  If you need to order another Starter Kit, you can do so  here.  If you need help with already active SIM, create a support ticket  here.

Note: The IoT starter kit SIMs will not work in consumer devices (Smartphones, Tablets, etc.). The intended use is for development of IoT devices.

IoT Starter Kit & M2X and AT&T Flow

IoT starter kit is a part of AT&T IoT developer services and integrated with M2X and AT&T Flow. We believe it is the fasted way to develop a production quality prototype, even launch a minimal viable product to your customers. With your IoT Starter Kit you can take advantage of  M2X  and  AT&T Flow  at no additional cost.

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Step 2
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Step 4

Step 5

Quick Start Card

Quick Start Binary for Accelerometer Sensor